The SIA-ProD expected results are the following:

  1. To develop new evaluation methods:

    1.1. The development of an innovative tool for self-assessment (Teacher Self-Assessment Assistant-TSAA), which will be based on the Discrete Choice Models method

    1.2. To provide feedback to early childhood educators about the way they use physical activities and it will facilitate them in their effort to improve their practices

    1.3. Research results will be developed and disseminated through publications in the topic of professional development and in-service training in ECEC

  2. To promote early educators’ self-improvement:

    2.1. The feedback from the implementation of TSAA will allow practitioners to reflect on their competences and to form their personal training agenda based on their individual needs, regarding the way they utilize physical activities in classroom

    2.2. Enhanced competences of the ECE staff that participated in the self-improvement phase of the project

  3. To enhance the quality of in-service teacher training:

    3.1. The development of the Self-Improvement Educational Package (SIEP)

    3.2. The provision of an accessible and innovative in-service training method. The successful completion of this initial effort

The SIA-ProD activities include the following:

  1. Multiplier events: All partners will be engaged in the creation of local (and transnational) networks of stakeholders, which will be the main target of dissemination and valorization activities. The planned activities include 5 multiplier events.
  2. Conference presentations: The project will disseminate the project’s course and results in at least two international conferences
  3. Scientific publications: At national and international level. Partners will be encouraged to publish at national and at international peer reviewed journals