The University of Cyprus (UCY) is an educational and research institution in the Mediterranean region. Its main objectives are twofold: a) the promotion of scholarship and education through teaching and research, and b) the enhancement of the cultural, social and economic development of Cyprus.

UCY consists of 8 faculties, 22 departments and 11 Research Units: the Center for Banking and Financial Research, the Archaeological Research Unit, the Economics Research Center, the Nanotechnology Centre, KIOS Center for Intelligent Systems and Networks, the Gender Studies Centre, the Oceanographic Centre, NIREAS-International Water Research Center, CAN-Center for Applied Neuroscience, the Research Center for Sustainable Energy, the Molecule Medicine Center.

It has successfully implemented more than 95 EU projects during the past 3 years. At present, it is participating in 44 projects funded under FP7, hosts 5 ERC grants and coordinates 12 Marie Curie individual fellowships. Furthermore, it has participated in 9 ITN projects, and is coordinating one of them (Narnia).

As a proof of its dedication in European integration teaching, it held a Jean Monnet Centre of Excellence and three Jean Monnet Chairs. Αlso, it has an UNESCO Chair for Equality and Gender Empowerment. UCY is member to many European and International Networks and Associations, namely: EUA, IAU, UNICA, ACU, Santander Group, AEUA, UNIMED, EAEC etc. In 2010 the first Nobel Prize winner, Prof. Pissarides Christoforos has also joined the academic community of UCY.

The University of Cyprus has also established a University Industry Liaison Office which aims to promote cooperation between academia and enterprises with the ultimate aim to improve the mindset and skillset of its students. This office has been established under the Project “Development and operation of Offices acting as a liaison between Business/ Industry and the various Universities in the Republic of Cyprus” which is coordinated by UCY and funded from EU Structural Funds.

The University of Cyprus aims to become a leading educational and research institution that will distinguish itself internationally through the promotion of scholarship and that will be recognized as a centre of excellence in the Mediterranean region.

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